Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Vacation in Woodstock, GA

Yes, our vacation lasted quite a few days...after visiting with Grandma Sherry, we stayed at the Woodstock Reddick's place in northern Atlanta. We met Preston for the first time (already walking and talking!!) and Abby met her other cousins - the twins Ashley and Melissa, Gabe, and Reagan. She had so much fun being around other kidos and enjoyed the Christmas festivities.
Here's some pics:

The family at Swallow at the Hollow (minus the photographer Thad)
Abby with Reagan and Preston

Abby with Ashley and Melissa (notice the large amount of drool on Abby's shirt! She's like a leaky faucet these days!)

Abby with Preston and Reagan (Abby always looks so big to me, until I see her with other older kids! She's still so small.)

Abby opening her first Christmas present...she loved the present and the paper! Everything goes right in the mouth!

Abby enjoying her first Christmas party with Melissa (Abby started living in bibs on this trip...went through too many outfits with the new drool trick!)

Melissa and Grandma Sherry at the Swallow at the Hollow

Abby and Daddy asleep on the plane on the way home...long trip, but Abby did great!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Vacation in Atlanta, GA

After our Savannah adventures, we headed to Atlanta to see Grandma Sherry. We spent a lot of time in historic downtown Roswell, GA which is a little town near her place. Full of antique stores and yummy restaurants, we enjoyed dinner with mom and then went back on our first "date" in AGES while Grandma Sherry watched Abby.

Mom took us to Ceviche's - really good Mexican seafood. We also had some of the best BBQ we've had since leaving TX at a place called The Swallow at the Hollow (sts).

Here are some photos:
Grandma Sherry found this little treasure for Abby to play in while visiting

Night-Night for Abby!!

Future rodeo star?

The family shopping in downtown Roswell

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Vacation in Savannah, GA

Abby met so many members of her family last week! We flew to pick up daddy in Alabama. She did great on her first plane ride! She slept most of the time and my biggest fear, her ears, didn't seem to bother her much at had the bottle ready just in case. She was the hit of every terminal waiting area and everyone around her seemed to enjoy her. It's kind of like having a puppy with many people stop to see her and visit. Anyway, we picked up daddy and drove to Savannah to see Uncle Eric, Aunt Christine, Shelby, Amber and Jason. Thad and I got to see some of downtown Savannah - really beautiful - and hang out in Richmond Hill with Eric's fam. Here's some pics:

Abby meets Uncle Eric - she wouldn't look at him for some reason...too many distractions

Abby with Shelby Ann at the Pirate House in downtown Savannah

Abby with Amber Nicole at the house

Abby with Jason Tyler at the house - they have the same hair!

Abby with her Whitehead cousins

So cute in her winter coat - in downtown Savannah

Abby says "Where's my cup of hot cocoa, people?"

Abby sporting the "Texas A&M Took" that the kids wore when they were her age

The family - minus Eric the photographer - by the the Savannah River

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Visit From Grams

Grams came from Texas to see Abby and spent a week spoiling little Abigail and Anna. During the shopping, touring Tucson, and eating out, we managed to take a few photos of our little girl. Our new countertops arrived during the week too!! Yea, no more plywood. All that's left now are the finishing touches to the walls; i.e. a backsplash, some drywall work, hang our microhood and some paint.
Grams bought Abby her first winter coat!

Here's one of "mini me" with our new cabinets and countertops

We decided it would be fun to make our second attempt at rice cereal. Is there more on her or in her mouth? You decide.

Abby says "Night night" on Grams' shoulder:

Grams getting her workout with her new 14 lb attachment:

Abby taking a nap next to her new doll from Grams: the new Muppet Abby Cadabby (you'd think they could come up with a cuter muppet for Abby!?!)

Abby in some of her new duds from Grams thinking about crawling towards Abby:

Grams and Abby in her nursery...the only room in the house that I've bothered to hang anything so far:

Hangin' out by the lemon tree:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Abby Meets Grandpa John and Grandma Enid

Abigail Rose has had a busy couple of weeks. Our kitchen finally came together after two weeks of the biggest, noisiest dust cloud ever imagined and Grandpa John and Grandma Enid travelled all the way from Massachusetts to meet little Abby. We had everything in place except counter tops for the big turkey feast, but nobody seemed to mind. It was a fun day of cooking and visiting and seeing an age old holiday tradition through new eyes!

Us at the Saguaro National Park:

Abby with the Grandparents at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum:

The fam:

Abby and mom after a fun day at the museum

Friday, November 21, 2008

Against My Better Judgement...

I just can't resist allowing our families and friends to see Abby's new trick. I know, when she's old enough to know what the Internet is, she'll hate me for this, but the way I see it, she owes me a little for all the dirty diapers and tantrums I've dealt with the past few days. In some twisted way, they make this seem okay for now...
I can't help but think she's working on her try-out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders or the Kilgore Rangerettes!! Check out the flexibility!!

"Oh no, mom's watching me."

"Who cares? This is just too fun!"

All five toes??? Believe it or not, we're sooooo proud!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Total Ham

I was so impressed with Abby staying put when I sat her on the bed, that I ran to get the camera (no I don't carry it around with me at all times - though it must seem like I do!). She sat still for one picture and then totally hammed it up by doing a slow-mo fall over - and I think it was just for the camera. I started laughing and she picked up on the fact that it could be a fun new trick, so she did it over and over again...every time I sat her there. It was so deliberate - too funny. Notice how her face is saying "This is my new fun trick and mom loves it!"

Oh, the drama!

Believe it or not, this went on for at least 30 minutes...always ending in this face!

At least she's managed to keep a sense of humor while having her new house torn upside down. Here's some photos of the demo and one of our empty kitchen.

Now the fun part starts with putting our touch on the house. More pics to come...hopefully soon with a new kitchen.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crawling Soon?

Our little girl has decided she wants to be mobile. Looks like it's time to start kid proofing the house - she's going to be off and running soon. How'd I figure this out? I put her in her usual post-meal spot on the couch and this is what ensued:

Notice how she's so involved with her toys, and how they're not moving forward, but she is.

Her head keeps going lower and lower - until she does a face plant!

Notice the size of the slobber spot on the sofa grow throughout the maneuver!

Wait for it...

...wait for it...

Ugh! Face plant!

"Look Mom, I did it!"

Only problem is, she hates being on her stomach. She gets a frustrated look on her face and grunts like a pig.

Not bad for 4 months, huh?