Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Abby Meets T-Barr And Has A Date With Reid For Love Day

Quite a week for the little sweetheart! A visit from one of mom's old college friends and a fun night at the Fallin's for Valentine's Day.

Tracey drove in from San Diego (where she is THE law dog) and brought her two beautiful labs to play with Maggie and Glory. Abby was entertained all weekend by all the excitement - mostly watching mom and T-Barr wine and dine themselves. The dogs seemed to enjoy our hikes in the desert and playing in the frigid 55 deg swimming pool!
Tracey and Abby (wearing the sweater Tracey bought her)

Hangin' out at home

Anna with Beckham and Madison

Tracey with the dogs next to our palm trees in the front yard.

The state-side Reddicks on a hike through the desert!

As Aunt Jane would say, "This looks like a shampoo commercial!" Yes, dog treats were involved to get them all together.

Andrea and Ben Fallin had us over for steak night and it was a great excuse to hook up the two tots! So cute (and clueless) at our setting them up for a lifetime of romance! Ha. Good thing we're not Indian!

Reid says, "Do you think anyone would notice if I cop a feel?"

Abby and Reid Fallin decked out in their V-day duds. Aaah, sweet, young love...we think.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Krazy Korea!

Hey everybody! Here's another report from Korea. Unfortunately, I didn't do a whole lot this past week due to a base "exercise", as they call it. I thought that those of you who are unfamiliar with life here would get a kick out of the "uniform" I've been wearing for most of the past week.

Oh, and I finally got a car! It's a pretty sweet ride: power windows, power mirrors, anti-lock brakes, and a really poor attempt at a Talladega Nights / NASCAR paint job. We'll start with a couple pictures of it:

The 1997 Kia "Kimchi Car"

No, all the other cars aren't painted the same way.
That just makes mine easy to find in a crowded lot!!!

Here's me making my chem gear / flak jacket
combo look good!

I hope this one doesn't scare Abby...
No, daddy isn't a monster from "outer"-space, I promise!

Finally, here's some funny / strange Korean signs...

I'm not sure what the person on this sign is doing,
I didn't go inside to find out...

Hmmm, somehow "inappropriate" didn't translate correctly to this clothing store

Check out the 3rd sign from the bottom....

"Can I interest you in a new hot wheels toy car, or maybe a sack full of live mosquitoes?"

Very weird... The don't call it the land of "not quite right" for nothing!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Official! We're Off And Crawling!

Way to go Abigail!! She so strong and FAST! Who knew a half-crawl/half-scoot could be so quick? It's hard to catch her adventures on camera due to her quickness...and randomness, but here's my weak attempt:

I tried to get her on the prowl from one vantage point - here's her going after her giraffe:

I think even Maggie is impressed!

OK, so maybe not. But mama and papa sure are!

Maggie says, "Dang it! Here she comes again. I bet she's gonna pull my ears this time."

"Excuse me, can you get off my ear please?"

After all the excitement, Abby says, "Whew! My dogs are barking. Time to take a load off."

"All in a day's work!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Howdy from Korea

Sorry everybody, this blog post won't have any cute pictures of my beautiful wife or of our beautiful 7 month old. :( I have, however, safely arrived in Korea and I wanted to share some pictures of the "land of not quite right" with you guys. I miss everybody but I am glad to be able to stay in touch thanks to internet phone and webcam!

I'll post more pictures later... I have to admit that I haven't ventured off-base too often - mostly due to our daily HIGH temperatures being below freezing. It's getting nicer outside now (the 18 inches of snow we got last week has mostly melted) and I'm getting my own Kimchi Car this week, so I promise some more interesting pictures soon! Enjoy these and I hope to talk to everybody soon -- oh, and don't worry, Anna will post more cute baby pictures soon!

A view of my building after a foot and a half of snow in 24 hours - pretty rare for here.
(I have a nice apartment with 1 BR, a living room, and a kitchen!)

One of the many high rise housing towers on base

It turns out there are not really normal "houses" in this country!

At the Korean War Museum.
I'm guessing this boat was not used in the most recent Korean War...
How many pilots does it take to figure out a AAA gun?
Well, us 4 were unable to figure it out...

One of the many "Western" shops off base.
If only all 31 flavors didn't involve rotten cabbage or raw seafood...