Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Almost Christmas For The AZ Reddicks!

Merry Christmas everybody! We're waiting a few more days to celebrate as a family, but here's some fun pics of the girl celebrating with the Fallins, our surrogate family!

Abby in our front yard getting ready to go to the Fallin family Christmas dinner! Her Christmas collection includes a gorgeous little number from Aunt Tuzzi!

Trying waaay to hard to smile big for the camera. It almost looks like she's in pain. Here's one of her enjoying Reid and Taya's toys they got for Christmas.

Doesn't everybody hang out by the pool on a warm, sunny Christmas day?

It turns out Santa might be a little scary! She wasn't actually crying, but that big fat bottom lip says it all.

Reid hung in there like a brave little champ. Maybe next year Abigail will enjoy this tortuous tradition!

We went for a stroll through the Winterhaven neighborhood here in Tucson. Normal, modest houses with extraordinary participation in Christmas lights/decorations. It was a cold night requiring blankets and schnapps in the hot cocoa!
Bobby Fallin and his dad manning the hot chocolate/schnapps bar:

All bundled up ready to see some lights

Hanging out with the Fallins to watch some football

In AZ, the roses and citrus trees never get the memo that it's actually December and are in full bloom. Abby loves to take a stroll through the garden and smell every rose she can reach. Sometimes she brings a few in so we can smell them inside too.

All I want for Christmas is a Labrador. Santa must've gotten confused and left us 5! Our holidays have been anything but lonely with this crew keeping us and Maggie company.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Abby In TX

Enjoying the playground in College Station (Whoop!) after a burger at the Chicken Oil. Yum!

The phrase, "You're ugly and yo mama dresses you funny" comes to mind...except for the ugly part.
Uncle Eric reading Abby her night, night story....Nemo!

Um, no comment.

Uncle Eric leading Abby to the playground.

Grams had to turn her head!


I see a face of approval.

Trying out the log roll.

Abby immediately headed for the stairs and wanted more of the slide!
Here we go!

Love the static electricity.

And back for more....

Not sure who was having more fun!

"Why isn't my swing moving?"

"Oh, thank you very much!"

Uncle Eric showing Abby how to play some tunes!
Abby tickling the ivories on her own!

"So, Tuzzi, thanks for keeping Maggie and dropping her off. How was your day at work?"
She's such a grown-up! She begged Tuzzi for all of her patches and then proceeded to tell her a story in 1 yr old speak.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Uncle Eric's Visit

Uncle Eric got a nice boondoggle TDY to fly a really neat plane, the Extra300, and see his newest niece! After doing stalls, spins, and "the Lomcevak", he let us take him out for some beers to watch the Aggies lose once again. At least we were in good company! Check out his flight school at

Abby says, "Who are you again?"

"Oh yeah, you're my uncle Eric!"

Just some funny pics I had on the camera from an extra silly bath time. The older she gets, the more water on the bathroom floor! Gotta love it.

Giving a kiss to the bath toys daddy sent from Korea.

Splishy splashy so much fun!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Elmo House Shoes

I realize an entire post with Abigail in her new house shoes seems lame, but we don't get out much. And some of these are pretty damn funny.

Twirling around in the kitchen to make herself dizzy and fall over. What a crack up!

Her latest dance involves a shoulder shrug, just like daddy :)

Being a total silly billy.

Daddy taught her how to "smile for the camera!". This is the face you get when you request such a thing.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 09

The Flintstones and the Rubbles (minus Barney!)
Let's go mom! Time to get some candy!!!

We miss Barney!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Growin' Like A Weed

And getting cuter every day (if we do say so ourselves!) She's having a great time having daddy home for a while. I think he's pretty amazed at how smart she is too! These are just some pics we've taken lately.

Abby sporting her new sweater for the chilly weather we've been having!

Taking daddy for a stroll around the backyard.

Trying to match mama wearing a ball cap.

In Alex's pink cowboy hat at the Red River Rivalry party!

"Can I really have this cookie all to myself? Really?"