Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thad and his A-10

I had to post some much appreciated pictures from Brooklyn Childers of Thad and his A-10! Brooklyn was aboard the tanker during Thad's most recent refueling and got some incredible pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Thad on the boom!

I'm soooo proud of you baby! Great pics.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So Many Firsts!

Sorry for the huge gap in posts, but we just recovered from our whirlwind roadtrip to TX. 2500 miles with Abby's butt in a carseat might sound like borderline child abuse, but she actually seemed to enjoy most of it...especially spending time with daddy and seeing all her TX relatives (and GA too).

The day before we left we celebrated her 1st Birthday (a little early) so Thad could attend! We'll tell her someday that it wasn't actually on the 4th of July, but we kept the red, white, and blue theme so our little firecracker would have some fun pictures of her big day.

Sporting her new patriotic swimsuit

Splishy, splashy
Abby's boyfriend, Reid, thinking about breaking out of "baby jail".

Abby with daddy on her special day

Nothing sweeter than a puppy and a baby

She actually kept her hat on..."I'm one!"
Instead of making a mess on my face, I think I'll get Reid involved. As Annie put it, "Fast foward 25 years to their wedding day..."
Our little firecracker - fading fast! Look at those tired eyes.
And now for some gifts! Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us and showering the little girl with presents.
Abby's first mountain bike. Red, like mine.
Here's a recap of our trip:

Abby's first time at the Walsh's house with Jen on the patio!
Abby's first Lupe Tortilla experience

Abby with Grams and Mama. Ride'em cowgirl!

Abby with Aunt Jane in the sandbox at Lupe's...so much fun!

And now for some firsts!
Abby's first sip with a straw held by Grams

Abby's first dance move - "throw your hands in the air like this..."

Abby's first attempt to take a step

Abby's first car ride facing FORWARD!

Abby's first BBQ

And just some cute pictures of the girl. She's so much fun!