Friday, November 14, 2008

Total Ham

I was so impressed with Abby staying put when I sat her on the bed, that I ran to get the camera (no I don't carry it around with me at all times - though it must seem like I do!). She sat still for one picture and then totally hammed it up by doing a slow-mo fall over - and I think it was just for the camera. I started laughing and she picked up on the fact that it could be a fun new trick, so she did it over and over again...every time I sat her there. It was so deliberate - too funny. Notice how her face is saying "This is my new fun trick and mom loves it!"

Oh, the drama!

Believe it or not, this went on for at least 30 minutes...always ending in this face!

At least she's managed to keep a sense of humor while having her new house torn upside down. Here's some photos of the demo and one of our empty kitchen.

Now the fun part starts with putting our touch on the house. More pics to come...hopefully soon with a new kitchen.

1 comment:

Andrea and Ben said...

Yep, Reid is still lazy ;0) We need a playdate soon so he can be inspired.

I can't wait to see the new kitchen!!!