Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Vacation in Woodstock, GA

Yes, our vacation lasted quite a few days...after visiting with Grandma Sherry, we stayed at the Woodstock Reddick's place in northern Atlanta. We met Preston for the first time (already walking and talking!!) and Abby met her other cousins - the twins Ashley and Melissa, Gabe, and Reagan. She had so much fun being around other kidos and enjoyed the Christmas festivities.
Here's some pics:

The family at Swallow at the Hollow (minus the photographer Thad)
Abby with Reagan and Preston

Abby with Ashley and Melissa (notice the large amount of drool on Abby's shirt! She's like a leaky faucet these days!)

Abby with Preston and Reagan (Abby always looks so big to me, until I see her with other older kids! She's still so small.)

Abby opening her first Christmas present...she loved the present and the paper! Everything goes right in the mouth!

Abby enjoying her first Christmas party with Melissa (Abby started living in bibs on this trip...went through too many outfits with the new drool trick!)

Melissa and Grandma Sherry at the Swallow at the Hollow

Abby and Daddy asleep on the plane on the way home...long trip, but Abby did great!!!

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