Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Times

Apparently moving and remodeling a house requires time...and lots of it. Who knew? I apologize for the lack of blog posts, but that doesn't mean for one second that I stopped taking here's a look at Abby's latest adventures.

It's starting to get cool at night here so we christened our new fireplace and Abby seemed to enjoy it!
Thad's A-10 class graduated and he took Abby and I into a sim so we could blow stuff up too!

Here's one of us after the ceremony:

Our good friend Brooklyn was over for some pool time and picked out Abby's outfit...the opposite of what I normally put on her...a very, very pink dress. She makes it look good though, huh?

Abby on the back porch swing with Miss Brooklyn:

Imagine daddy' shock to see her in such attire!

Abby was thrilled to get her first Halloween bib from Aunt Jane! Thank you Jane for the cute bib and burp cloth and all the messes it will prevent!

Here's what Abby normally ends up in when mom dresses her. Here's her having fun kickin' back in the recliner.

Even though the temps at night are in the 50's, it still gets up into the 90's during the day. So we decided to let Abby take her first dip in the pool before it gets to cold to attempt it. It was still pretty darned cold, but look at her take it like a champ. Maybe we have a future Polar Bear Club member on our hands!?!

I love the look on her face when her toes hit the water:

Lyndi, Hayden, Anna, and Abby:

And finally, we have to give a shout out to good ol' Maggie on her 4th birthday! Happy Birthday girl. Sorry your new sister takes away most of your attention these days. You're a good dog...I mean Super Dog!
Super Dog and Bat Dog ready to save the world. Good grief!

I love you girl.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Abby's 13th Week

It was a busy week for our little Abigail. Of course we found time for college football on our busy Saturday full of cabinet and counter top shopping and the Oktoberfest on our busy Sunday full of appliance shopping. Respectable for a 13 week old I'd say. Anyway, here's some pics of her fun week.

Abby and Dad watching the Air Force vs. Navy debacle at our local family friendly sportsbar:

Yes, she's really watching the game...loves her football!

Abby and Mom during the A&M vs. stupid okie cowpeople debacle at home:

Papa reading a night night story out of the book from Grams to Abigail:

I think she's already reading smart.

Abby enjoying the Tucson Oktoberfest on Sunday afternoon:

She says "Mama's gonna have me up doing the chicken dance, I just know it!"

She's a fine polka dancer, in case you had any doubts!!

Abby almost enjoying her first taste of rice cereal:

"What is this weird thing mom put around my neck? I think I'll eat it instead."

"OK, this isn't so bad, but I'm only gonna sit still for one second and after mom takes this picture I'm gonna go back to eating my bib."

"See told ya!"

"OK, this just isn't the same as my normal buffet!"

Abby looking cute in her "Daddy Rocks" onesie from Grams:

He's so proud!

Love that half smile!

Friday, October 3, 2008

First Home

This year has been marked by so many firsts for our little family that buying our first home seems almost not worth mentioning. But we are super excited to finally own a place and make it exactly how we want it! We found a house that is really nice already, but we have so many plans to make improvements and updates. We'll be moving in soon after Thad graduates and I'll send out our new address in an email. Here's some glimpses of our little piece of paradise in Tucson.

Reddick Family picking up keys to first house.

Mom and Abby in pool (built in bbq pit on left, rose garden in back, and peach and plum trees off to the right)

Dad and Abby in pool (it was a little too cold to let the little one in the water on our first day at the house)

Pool with our little "orchard" off to the right. We have peaches, plums, grapefruits, lemons, oranges, tangelos, and a grape vine!
So, you've probably noticed that we consider our yard the best feature of our house! We love it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thad Graduating From A-10 School

A HUGE congratulations to Thad for surviving the past six months of A-10 training!!

Here's some pictures of Thad returning from his first A-10 flight. I was able to go out to the flight line and embarrass him a little.