Thursday, July 21, 2011

Check Out Our Big Girl!

Abby looks so big these days!  Maybe because I haven't been able to stare at her everyday like I usually do.  I can really see how she is growing fast!

Daddy took her to the Desert Museum on her birthday.  "Look I'm a turtle!"
 Watching the fireworks on her birthday with Grandma Sherry.

 Looking cute in her ladybug dress from Grams.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Look Who's THREE!!!

Happy birthday little girl.

Abby has had one parent at home with her for two of her three birthdays.  She's getting used to the monkey business, but we're not.  Here's some pictures of her birthday party at Old Pueblo Gymnastics.  Needless to say she was worn out.  Thanks to everyone for all you did for her on her big day!

A good shot of the crocodile bouncy castle.  It took the kidos a while to warm up to him.  Look at those teeth!!
  Abby needed a little coaxing to get the party started.  She had never really seen most of the equipment, but like most things figured it out pretty quick.

Where was the entire runway of trampoline that ended in a foam pit when I was a kid????  Abby spent most of the party up and down this trampoline and in and out of the foam pit at the end!!

 Then it was like someone flipped a switch...they all climbed in the bouncy castle at the same time. 

 The whole group (minus the Dean girls that left early)! Four friends from "school" and seven little ones we know through the squadron.
 Time to eat!