Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crawling Soon?

Our little girl has decided she wants to be mobile. Looks like it's time to start kid proofing the house - she's going to be off and running soon. How'd I figure this out? I put her in her usual post-meal spot on the couch and this is what ensued:

Notice how she's so involved with her toys, and how they're not moving forward, but she is.

Her head keeps going lower and lower - until she does a face plant!

Notice the size of the slobber spot on the sofa grow throughout the maneuver!

Wait for it...

...wait for it...

Ugh! Face plant!

"Look Mom, I did it!"

Only problem is, she hates being on her stomach. She gets a frustrated look on her face and grunts like a pig.

Not bad for 4 months, huh?


Andrea and Ben said...

Damn, Reid is lazy!!

bmr7758 said...

OMG... this is soooo funny! I remember when JJr did this. Now he's talking and pooping in the potty!