Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Vacation in Savannah, GA

Abby met so many members of her family last week! We flew to pick up daddy in Alabama. She did great on her first plane ride! She slept most of the time and my biggest fear, her ears, didn't seem to bother her much at had the bottle ready just in case. She was the hit of every terminal waiting area and everyone around her seemed to enjoy her. It's kind of like having a puppy with many people stop to see her and visit. Anyway, we picked up daddy and drove to Savannah to see Uncle Eric, Aunt Christine, Shelby, Amber and Jason. Thad and I got to see some of downtown Savannah - really beautiful - and hang out in Richmond Hill with Eric's fam. Here's some pics:

Abby meets Uncle Eric - she wouldn't look at him for some reason...too many distractions

Abby with Shelby Ann at the Pirate House in downtown Savannah

Abby with Amber Nicole at the house

Abby with Jason Tyler at the house - they have the same hair!

Abby with her Whitehead cousins

So cute in her winter coat - in downtown Savannah

Abby says "Where's my cup of hot cocoa, people?"

Abby sporting the "Texas A&M Took" that the kids wore when they were her age

The family - minus Eric the photographer - by the the Savannah River

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