Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Vacation in Atlanta, GA

After our Savannah adventures, we headed to Atlanta to see Grandma Sherry. We spent a lot of time in historic downtown Roswell, GA which is a little town near her place. Full of antique stores and yummy restaurants, we enjoyed dinner with mom and then went back on our first "date" in AGES while Grandma Sherry watched Abby.

Mom took us to Ceviche's - really good Mexican seafood. We also had some of the best BBQ we've had since leaving TX at a place called The Swallow at the Hollow (sts).

Here are some photos:
Grandma Sherry found this little treasure for Abby to play in while visiting

Night-Night for Abby!!

Future rodeo star?

The family shopping in downtown Roswell

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Andrea_Ben said...

Looks like a nice holiday!! She is getting so big :0)