Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daddy's Home Again!

First of all, I apologize for not making a post in so long.  We have so many new things to report from our little world...daddy's home, Abby's new bed, a lot fewer diapers around here, upcoming birthday party, and looking forward to a new classroom at "school".

We are so excited to have daddy home again!  We took some leave to get reacquainted and get some yard/house improvements made...including planting some palm trees by the pool.  They look great!

Abigail has been enjoying a week's worth of good night's sleep in her new "big girl bed".  She tells people, "It's my day bed.".  Before we left Uglyhoma, we took advantage of the wood shop on-base and built her a crib with a convertible option...just pop off one of the crib rails and slap on the day bed rail.  Presto - big girl bed.

She's doing good with potty training. We're not 100% yet, but she has the concept down.  Now to get her to be consistent.  It would probably help to have some more consistent parents!  We're really proud of her progress though and can't wait to bypass the diaper isle at Target once and for all. 

Okay enough blabbing.  Here's some recent pictures of the princess!

I'd say Max has become a part of the family!

 Abby Rose loading up her newest "weapon"...squirt gun!!!

Shooting daddy in the pool!  She's a warrior!

 Getting used to her new water wings.  She figured out fast that she doesn't need help anymore!

Havin' fun! 

The secret to potty training...put the potty in the living room so she can't miss it and hand her an information pamphlet.  So funny.

New big girl bed!
 Perfect fit!
 Mastered the water wings!
 Look at me...I'm a fish!

 A nice swim at sunset.