Sunday, December 7, 2008

Visit From Grams

Grams came from Texas to see Abby and spent a week spoiling little Abigail and Anna. During the shopping, touring Tucson, and eating out, we managed to take a few photos of our little girl. Our new countertops arrived during the week too!! Yea, no more plywood. All that's left now are the finishing touches to the walls; i.e. a backsplash, some drywall work, hang our microhood and some paint.
Grams bought Abby her first winter coat!

Here's one of "mini me" with our new cabinets and countertops

We decided it would be fun to make our second attempt at rice cereal. Is there more on her or in her mouth? You decide.

Abby says "Night night" on Grams' shoulder:

Grams getting her workout with her new 14 lb attachment:

Abby taking a nap next to her new doll from Grams: the new Muppet Abby Cadabby (you'd think they could come up with a cuter muppet for Abby!?!)

Abby in some of her new duds from Grams thinking about crawling towards Abby:

Grams and Abby in her nursery...the only room in the house that I've bothered to hang anything so far:

Hangin' out by the lemon tree:

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Eric and Kea said...

Thad & Anna!
I can't believe how big and beautiful your baby girl is! I hope the move to Tucson went good and you guys are getting settled in! I need your new address when you get a chance! You can e-mail it to us:
Hope you guys are doing great! Talk to you soon
-Eric and Kea