Saturday, February 6, 2010

Texas to Tombstone

Hey everybody! Here's another catch-up post from our recent adventures! It begins with Abby playing and dancing on the stage at Gruene Hall (Texas' oldest dancehall). If only she knew all the other people that have been on that stage...

Getting her pointers warmed up

Dada with Abby at Gruene Hall
(Ted Russell Kamp Band in the background)

Abby was a little disgruntled that we had made her go outside...

Swinging at Grams' house

After getting back to Arizona, we made a trip to visit the OK Corral in Tombstone. Some cute Abby pics ensued...

Abby says "I'm your Huckleberry..."

Dancing on the table

Looking cute with her OK Corral cowboy hat

With dad on the street

A video of her breaking it down in Tombstone.
She's got some moves!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

San Antonio Zoo

One of our funnest family outings in TX was taking Abby to the zoo. At first she had a look on her face like "Um, these animals aren't stuffed!". Once she saw the bears, she started roaring like a lion and didn't stop until we got home. She really seemed to love all the animals and the excitement wore her out so much that she hardly noticed that we took her to one of my classmate's house so we could go out on date night!!

You sure about this dad?

Checking out the Grizzly basking in the TX sun.

Abby and a hippo butt - we loved this area of the zoo; you could see above and below the water on all of the exhibits.

Abby like the kids zone the best. It took her a little while to realize this sloth wasn't real and she could go sit on him for a picture.

Checking out the giant sea turtles.
Imitating the turtles.

Can't go to the zoo without a picture of the Warthog!

Just lounging around the apartment.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmastime is here!

Okay, we know it's been over a month since Christmas, but we've been kind of "off-the-grid" for a little while! Well, we're back to the Internet and we have a good month of pictures from celebrating Christmas, to enjoying Texas as a family, to spending time in the sunshine and 70 degrees of Arizona!

Here's some pics of our Christmas celebration. Abby was a very good girl, and waited until daddy got home on January 1st for the family to open our presents.

Our Charlie Brown tree in the effort at toddler-proofing Christmas.

Abby trying on her ladybug backpack from Papa John and Grandma Enid.

She loved her new dress from Aunt Jane so much that she gave it a big hug. Kind of weird!?

Reading a book with daddy.

Daddy brought her a stuffed zebra from Korea which turned out to be perfect since she loves "Madagascar"!

Abby trying to take her new zebra for a ride...guess we need to start buying bigger stuffed animals.

Making the most of the drive to
Abby says, "Goooooo whoever is playing t.u.!". In this case, Alabama.

Abby smiling big for the camera!