Monday, September 27, 2010


Chillin' with dad in the pool! It's starting to cool off at night so who knows how many more swimmy days are left!

Just the "girls" goofing off!

New jammies from Grams! Thanks mom, she loves them.

Big smile from the girl!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Fam at the UA vs. The Citadel game. She loved all the excitement and the "alum" sitting behind us enjoyed her enthusiasm!

Abby at Sea World in San Diego. She loved to watch the seals beg for food and eat sardines. What an experience!

Enjoying the aquarium full of fish that were bigger than her! She was amazed!

This was possibly the single worst moment of the entire trip. We waited in line for 30 min to ride the "tea cup" Abby Cadabby ride. She was soooo excited to do the ride. We finally were up to get into our tea cup and she picked the first one available, sat down, and immediately started screaming that she wanted to be ON the actual Abby Cadabby part of the ride (which was not an option!). She was a decorative feature to the ride, but not to our Abby...she wanted HER. So she screamed the entire ride....that is, until they STOPPED the ride and kindly escorted us to the exit...of course, everyone was looking at us like we were terrible parents...forcing our scared child to ride the ride. But, in fact, she really just wanted it to be more exciting. Oh well, she cheered up when she saw the Elmo splash pad!

She wanted up here, but of course, not by herself. So mama had to carry her through the net of death and twisted ankles.


The Fam at Old area of missions in the oldest part of San Diego. The mariachi's started playing "Tequila" which always make me think of that creepy Pee Wee Herman guy, but we still did the dance. Then she would yell "Tekweela"!!!!!!

The "Fonz" would be proud! Complete with a thumbs up!

The San Diego Zoo!!!!!!

Gig 'Em!!!

Hi goats at the petting zoo!

"What just happened. Where did that come from?"

Good goat...I do the same thing without my diapers on!

Hi Macaws!

Checking out the porcupines!