Thursday, March 5, 2009

Off To Korea

Well Abigail is 8 months old now and it's high time she travels overseas! She'll be able to add her Asian adventures to her vast world knowledge and experience! If mom survives the 10 hour flight from San Fransisco to Seoul, she'll be sure and update the blog with Abby in Korea. For now, here's some of her kickin' around the house and showing off some of her new hairdos. Her hair is long enough to get in her eyes, but I don't want to cut it until I can tell what the heck it's going to do. So for now it goes up in different flavors of hardware...

She's up to something. I'm just not sure what.

IIII'm too sexy for my sweet potatoes, too sexy for my sweet potatoes... too sexy..

Her shirt says, "I still live with my parents!". Too funny. Thanks B and Cole! See you soon.

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colebrooklyn said...

I LOOOOoooove those lil hair do's.