Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Around Osan And Trip To Seoul

Abby and I have had such a good visit with Thad. We've mostly hung out around Songtan and Osan, but we did brave the drive "up the Big One" to Seoul. There are a ton of good restaurants in Songtan - German, Thai, Italian and, of course, Korean. Yummo! As you can imagine there are also a variety of bars and there just happens to be more than a few babysitters to be had. Yipee (especially for mom)!

Our trip to Seoul was nice. We stayed on base at the "resort" at Yongsan, the Army base in Seoul. The resort has at least 4 nice places to eat and a strip of restaurants and bars right outside the base as well. No shortage of places to wine and dine ourselves. It's been great...and Abby has really been a trooper through it all. Most of the time a waiter or establishment owner will instantly fall in love with her and spend a large portion of the time we are there playing with her. Yes, Koreans look even goofier when they are trying to make a baby smile.

In Seoul we also visited the Korean War Museum and Memorial and the Gyeongbok Palace. The War Memorial had an outdoor exhibit of lots of US and Soviet aircraft, tanks, missiles and memorials. We were able to go into the Palace (originally built in 1395). It has been destroyed several time over the years, mostly by the Japanese, but rebuilt to look the same.
Disembarking our glorious Kimchi Car and off to discover Seoul!

Off to the palace first

Whew! All that sightseeing sure did make us thirsty. Luckily we found an Irish Pub celebrating the upcoming St. Paddy's day

The service in Korea is kind of slow, so Abby wasn't able to stay awake long enough to help us celebrate!

I guess it's up to mom and dad to drink the green beer and Guinness!

A quick snack in our hotel room and then it's off to the museum

Abby on a Tweet!
Sleeping Abby in a tank!

Abby being "entertained" by a local bar owner!

"Um, mom, what have you done with me?"

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colebrooklyn said...

I hope you guys made it home safely! I miss you something awful already... Love y'all!