Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Together Again!

Our little family was reunited after a long 2 months of living off of web cam. Abby is starting to realize that daddy doesn't live in the computer after all. She did GREAT on the long trip over - more like 13 hours instead of 10 - plus the 2 hours to San Fran! She slept a good chunk of the overseas flight away in a bassinet that Singapore Airlines graciously offered. LIFESAVER! The few hours that she was awake on the plane we passed with walks up and down the isle...only to be stopped every few steps by the Koreans and Malaysians - who apparently LOVE American babies.

Here's some pics of the trip:
Mmmm. Travelling tastes good.

Waiting for the 777 to get to the gate in San Francisco

I'm not sure why I bothered to put her play mat down when she plays everywhere but on it

Abby on the lookout for our plane

Abby sleeping the long flight away - thankfully. All of the airport playing pays off!!!

Abby and Thad - the long wait is over!

Brooklyn and Abby (trying hard to get over some serious jet lag)

Abby hanging out in daddy's Q - thanks to the Willis' for the bouncy - entertainment at it's finest.


colebrooklyn said...

Bless her lil heart, she was so tired! I've missed her so! I'm so glad you guys are here...Please don't leave! :)

Andrea_Ben said...

Yay!! Sounds exhausting but well worth it :0)