Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Abby Meets T-Barr And Has A Date With Reid For Love Day

Quite a week for the little sweetheart! A visit from one of mom's old college friends and a fun night at the Fallin's for Valentine's Day.

Tracey drove in from San Diego (where she is THE law dog) and brought her two beautiful labs to play with Maggie and Glory. Abby was entertained all weekend by all the excitement - mostly watching mom and T-Barr wine and dine themselves. The dogs seemed to enjoy our hikes in the desert and playing in the frigid 55 deg swimming pool!
Tracey and Abby (wearing the sweater Tracey bought her)

Hangin' out at home

Anna with Beckham and Madison

Tracey with the dogs next to our palm trees in the front yard.

The state-side Reddicks on a hike through the desert!

As Aunt Jane would say, "This looks like a shampoo commercial!" Yes, dog treats were involved to get them all together.

Andrea and Ben Fallin had us over for steak night and it was a great excuse to hook up the two tots! So cute (and clueless) at our setting them up for a lifetime of romance! Ha. Good thing we're not Indian!

Reid says, "Do you think anyone would notice if I cop a feel?"

Abby and Reid Fallin decked out in their V-day duds. Aaah, sweet, young love...we think.

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Andrea_Ben said...

Your pictures are so cute! Sweet little babes.

1 - get that little adventurer out of the car seat and facing forward!! (unless she was asleep, then I totally understand)

2 - I love all the dogs together, what a treat!!