Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home Again Missing Daddy

Okay, so it's not the most flattering photo, but can you believe this monster?!? Look at all those teeth! I'm amazed everyday at how fast she grows and changes. She had SO much fun with daddy and will NOT stop saying "Da da da da da da da". Then I say, "How about Mama?" She usually starts laughing hysterically and says "da da". Oh well. My day will come. Patience grasshopper.

This is the first photo I got because the only way I usually see the top teeth is when I hang her upside down. I don't know much about kid stuff, but I do know that hanging your child upside down and taking a picture at the same time is not safe. So we opted for daddy's plastic couch and a LOT of tickling.

A good shot of the new and improved "Chubby Abby"

My two favorite girls in all of Korea

What better time to have her first haircut than with daddy there to help?? Abby says, "I know you're not coming near me with those scissors!"


Thad said...

My favorite part is that she was holding the comb for herself... :)

Love y'all!

colebrooklyn said...

You're my fave! I wish we could have gotten a better pic of me, wow...what was I thinkin'??? Oh, I had been playin' crud. Miss y'all, terribly. Love you!