Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun Times In Korea (Warning: Not Many Abby Pics)

Okay, so we're guilty! We took advantage of some babysitting opportunities in Korea and got to live some of our pre-Abby days. Would've been great except for those tugging, nagging motherly/fatherly feelings that she might be doing something amazing that we're missing....or she's screaming her head off at the babysitter...or she's sleeping and we're missing out on some precious sleep. Ugh. It's too much! But we actually were able to have a little fun:

Brooklyn, Anna, Thad and Cole enjoying our St. Paddy Day "Soju Kettle". Soju is a rice liquor that probably tastes like poo...which is why they mix it with other stuff.

The other stuff just so happens to glow in the dark - thanks Korea!

Anna trying to out-do Thad with a Guinness mustache...I'm soooooo glad Mustache March is OVER!

The Osan gang celebrating Cole and Brooklyn's One Year Anniversary! Nice mustaches!

At the Club after a long Friday at work - for the Draggins!

Celebrating our last Friday night together at the O'Club. I miss you, baby.

One last parting shot...a family pic at the "Italian restaurant" in Osan. We miss you Thad.

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