Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Howdy from Korea

Sorry everybody, this blog post won't have any cute pictures of my beautiful wife or of our beautiful 7 month old. :( I have, however, safely arrived in Korea and I wanted to share some pictures of the "land of not quite right" with you guys. I miss everybody but I am glad to be able to stay in touch thanks to internet phone and webcam!

I'll post more pictures later... I have to admit that I haven't ventured off-base too often - mostly due to our daily HIGH temperatures being below freezing. It's getting nicer outside now (the 18 inches of snow we got last week has mostly melted) and I'm getting my own Kimchi Car this week, so I promise some more interesting pictures soon! Enjoy these and I hope to talk to everybody soon -- oh, and don't worry, Anna will post more cute baby pictures soon!

A view of my building after a foot and a half of snow in 24 hours - pretty rare for here.
(I have a nice apartment with 1 BR, a living room, and a kitchen!)

One of the many high rise housing towers on base

It turns out there are not really normal "houses" in this country!

At the Korean War Museum.
I'm guessing this boat was not used in the most recent Korean War...
How many pilots does it take to figure out a AAA gun?
Well, us 4 were unable to figure it out...

One of the many "Western" shops off base.
If only all 31 flavors didn't involve rotten cabbage or raw seafood...

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