Friday, January 23, 2009

We Have A Tooth!! And An Explanation For All The Fussing :)

Good job Abigail. You're now the proud owner of your first tooth. It's on the lower left front of her little gums and sharp as a razor! We've explored new foods too...bananas and apples. She's still making more of a mess than actually consuming much of it, but we try twice a day nonetheless. She's still not technically "crawling", but she manages to squirm and scoot around pretty good. I think she might be by-passing the whole crawling thing and jump right into walking/running!

Here's some pics of her week:

No, I don't feed her a whole apple. But she loves to play with the one that mom is eating.

Turns out it was a great ploy to get a shot of that new little tooth! She HATES it when I try to see it, much less get a pic of it.

We also recently discovered the fun of static electricity. Paw Paw would be proud that it didn't take a Barbie Doll for this little one to make that discovery.

She's so crazy!

Her new interests include all sorts of musical instruments. Mostly drums, but I made her a maraca out of orzo pasta and a breast milk vile! Whatever works, right?

Abby making sweet tunes on her new xylophone

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ewhite4696 said...

Anna, that kid gets cuter every day. Awesome pics. Tell Abby congrats on the tooth.

Uncle Eric