Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Official! We're Off And Crawling!

Way to go Abigail!! She so strong and FAST! Who knew a half-crawl/half-scoot could be so quick? It's hard to catch her adventures on camera due to her quickness...and randomness, but here's my weak attempt:

I tried to get her on the prowl from one vantage point - here's her going after her giraffe:

I think even Maggie is impressed!

OK, so maybe not. But mama and papa sure are!

Maggie says, "Dang it! Here she comes again. I bet she's gonna pull my ears this time."

"Excuse me, can you get off my ear please?"

After all the excitement, Abby says, "Whew! My dogs are barking. Time to take a load off."

"All in a day's work!"

1 comment:

Andrea and Ben said...

Oh. My. God. I am in shock!! We definitely have to kid proof before you come over saturday! And here I was impressed with Reid deciding to roll as his mode of transportation. GO ABBY!!!!