Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Krazy Korea!

Hey everybody! Here's another report from Korea. Unfortunately, I didn't do a whole lot this past week due to a base "exercise", as they call it. I thought that those of you who are unfamiliar with life here would get a kick out of the "uniform" I've been wearing for most of the past week.

Oh, and I finally got a car! It's a pretty sweet ride: power windows, power mirrors, anti-lock brakes, and a really poor attempt at a Talladega Nights / NASCAR paint job. We'll start with a couple pictures of it:

The 1997 Kia "Kimchi Car"

No, all the other cars aren't painted the same way.
That just makes mine easy to find in a crowded lot!!!

Here's me making my chem gear / flak jacket
combo look good!

I hope this one doesn't scare Abby...
No, daddy isn't a monster from "outer"-space, I promise!

Finally, here's some funny / strange Korean signs...

I'm not sure what the person on this sign is doing,
I didn't go inside to find out...

Hmmm, somehow "inappropriate" didn't translate correctly to this clothing store

Check out the 3rd sign from the bottom....

"Can I interest you in a new hot wheels toy car, or maybe a sack full of live mosquitoes?"

Very weird... The don't call it the land of "not quite right" for nothing!

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