Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Abby's First Christmas!!

Well busy times lead to less blog time. We're finally catching up with life, so here's some pics from Abby's first Christmas, her first highchair experience, her first friend's birthday party and her STANDING in her crib. Look out... she's doing more than I can keep up with. WARNING: this is a long one (sts):

Abby says, "Who's the fat guy holding me?"

We got back from our travels a couple of days before Christmas day, so we went cheap...rosemary bushes shaped like Christmas trees...one decorated with our Texas ornaments and one decorated with our family ornaments! We'll plant them in the spring and cook with them for a long time hopefully! Yummo! Here's one of Abby sporting her "First Christmas" onesie from Andrea Fallin:

Abby doesn't seem to mind the little trees. She's sported her new outfit from Sandy "Sandman" Fraley to open her gifts:

Abby opening a Baby Beethoven DVD from Grams...completely captivates her daily...and the wrapping paper tastes great, too!

Abby says "Gimme my present from Aunt Jane already!"

Mmmm...Christmas present. Of course she's more interested in eating the gift than what the gift is...but Abby bloomers are awesome!

Abby loving her "Leap Pad" from Eric's family. She'll be reading and enjoying the music for a long time.

Abby at her first birthday party...wondering why the birthday girl, Hayden Blom, is enjoying a cupcake and she isn't...soon, little girl, soon.

Please Hayden, just one bite?

I wanna try this too! Maybe I'll get a cupcake.

Trying out the new highchair from Grams...Rats! It's just sweet potatoes.

Got sweet potatoes?

Hanging out with daddy on the couch watching some bowl games...loves her football!

Night, night, Abigail!

And last, but not least, Abby standing in her crib...6 months old and ready to run. I think she's going to skip crawling all together. Way to go, shortie!

And I couldn't resist...two random cute pics. Hopefully I'll find time to update this sooner next time! We hope everyone has a safe and blessed new year!


Andrea_Ben said...

Time to take that bumper out!!!! I cannot believe she is pulling herself up. Crazy!!!! Reid so needs to hang out with her and become inspired to do anything resembling sitting, rolling over, etc :0) He just shouts a lot and drools.

colebrooklyn said...

Awe, man...I miss Abby and Anna! We saw Thad today, and I was so sick. Ha, I threw up at the restaurant where we had lunch! What a nice welcoming for your hubby!?
I love all your new pics, you could never post too many of wittle Abbigails!!!
Love you guys.