Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Training For Abby's First 5K's time. Mom is recovered from that traumatic miracle known as childbirth and Abby is more than comfortable in her Baby Trend babyjogger. There are no more excuses. It doesn't hurt that my squadron has organized participation in the Air Force Anniversary 5K at the Pima Air and Space Museum on Saturday.

The 5K route winds amongst some of the greatest aircraft in history - including the SR-71 Blackbird - and should inspire Abby and I to go faster! And to boot, all proceeds go to the Tucson chapter of the Air Force Association.

So last night we decided it was time to start tapering our training (Ha!) and went out for one last training run. With Maggie in one hand and the babyjogger in the other, we ran 3 miles and gained the confidence that I won't have to sit and gasp for air in front of all the guys in my squadron. (Thad is going to run it too and he's promised to wait for us at the finish line!). Sooo, wish us luck - hopefully we'll have some celebratory photos of us at the finish line of Abby's first 5K!

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Andrea and Ben said...

Good luck! Ahhh, I need to get running :0)