Monday, September 15, 2008

Abby 2 Mos

Hello everyone! This will hopefully serve to keep you up to date on our little angel. Abby turned 2 mos last Friday and is the most amazing little girl. She is the happiest little baby I've ever been around...always smiling and laughing. Her favorite spot in the house is her changing table where her entire face lights up when she sees the light come through her window. She is holding her head up without many bobbles and has the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. Her favorite toys are her activity mat and the stroller toy that April and Dave Reddaway sent from New Zealand. She is so much fun. We're not sure what we used to do with our time, but it must have been pretty boring!!

Even though we moved "way out in the desert" her Grams, Aunt Jane, Aunt Sharon, cousins Jennifer, Lilly, Wes, Christy, and Zoe, and Grandmamma Sherry have been to visit her. She is convinced that she has the best family in the world (and has the gifts to prove it!). Thank y'all so much for travelling all the way to AZ to see her and showering her with your love!

We'll write soon. Let us know how y'all are doing!

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