Monday, September 29, 2008

Thad's 28th Birthday

Abby went to her first birthday party on Friday night...her papa's. We had Oktoberfest...Arizona style. Anna smoked turkey legs all day and Thad grilled up the brats and sausages. We had all the German fixin's too...potato salad, spaetzle, bean salad, rum cake...well, maybe it wasn't all German influenced, but hey, we had a great time. We even managed to find the little mini-kegs of Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen and Hefeweizen bier. Abby hung out with mom, dad, and all our friends on the patio and enjoyed the 75 deg evening in the desert...we were so content that we forgot to introduce her to the Chicken Dance. Maybe next week at the Tucson Oktoberfest at Hi Corbett Field...although I see one of the head-liners is a band called Peña Flamenca de Tucson. We might be a little too close to Mexico to have a true German Oktoberfest experience, but I bet we'll have fun.

We don't have any good pics of the party so here's a cute one of Abby in her "Someone in TX loves me" outfit from Debbi and Larry McConnell. Thanks for the cute onesie - she has lots of people in TX that love her!!

Also, here's the picture I had blown up to 11X14 and framed for Thad's birthday. Funny how most of his presents are somehow related to Abigail!


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