Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Epic Spit-Up

Just when I thought Abby was the ultimate baby...hardly ever cries, only poo's every other day, sleeps almost through the night, eats like a champ, doesn't spit-up...UNTIL TONIGHT! Thad is working nights, so we were sitting here on the sofa nursing, passing the time until he gets home. I picked her up to burp her, held her up against my chest and held her head over my shoulder. I could tell she was pushing back against my hand, which she sometimes does in order to look around, so I let her back her head up so I could see her face. Before I could see her beautiful big blue eyes, she spit a tummy full of warm boobie milk down my shirt! Enough to soak my shirt, bra, shorts, and our new sofa. Yucko. I guess I thought all those moms that complained about spit-up were a bunch of wussies. I was using the nice burp clothes that Kate Kubicek made us as blankets when she was in her car seat - I really didn't know what all the hype was about. I didn't even know her little tummy could hold that much milk, much less have the strength to force it back up all over me! It kind of feels like she christened me with the less than peachy aspects of motherhood. I guess it could have been worse...it can always be worse!! Don't worry darlin', you're more than worth it!

On the bright side, she is doing some new cooler, less volatile things. She started sucking her thumb this week, except she doesn't curl her other fingers in a fist. Instead, she kind of just plants them on her face, usually at least one finger in each eye. It kind of gives her a look like "Uuugh, do I really have to get back in my car seat lady?".

She also talks a mile a minute. Just babbles, but sometimes you can make out words like "Hi", "Boo", "Wow" and "Maggie smells funny". I guess it depends on who is listening, but I'm betting she'll be making complete sentences in a couple of months. Way to go Abby!!


ewhite4696 said...

Great post and pics Anna. I haven't been keeping up with your blog lately. Super busy around here for us. I'll try to drop by more often. Keep up the good work with the blog and pics. Helps us to stay caught up with ya'll. Abby looks great. Can't wait to see her eventually......Eric

Sherry said...

What a precious person and I am certain Maggie and Glory find her precious, too. Besides, soon Maggie and Glory will be testing the FRUITS of the land and the big swimming hole. Baby is a breeze for them... They may even be challenged by running with mom and dad as their exercise will escalated in home, alone. Their gourmet is vastly enhanced to morning fruit cocktails with outings to maintain squirrel Patrol.
What a little Reddick...she is easy...last home a cacti in my rump and now a fruit dropped on my head...shhhee