Sunday, April 25, 2010

So, when 'dada' goes to the toy store, we end up coming home with a new toy barbecue grill! Pretty similar result if you send me alone to Home Depot, too.

Abby loves it! Since I'm normally cooking on my grill, Abby loves cooking on her grill too!
Ok, here she's just excited to have
my shoes on!

Now she's cooking, and blowning bubbles!

She loves all of her outside activities!

She especially likes "driving" the Mustang.
A few more years before I really have to be worried, I guess.

She's "chilling" at the zoo!

Showing off her new cooking skills!

Mmmm, hot dog...

Here's a video of Abby "dancing" to her favorite song.
The first part she's clapping, then getting 'tired', then
jumping up! Hope to see y'all soon!

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colebrooklyn said...

That's awesome. We miss Abby.....oh, and y'all too.