Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reid Park Zoo!

During "momma"s Tucson visit this weekend we did lots of fun activities including playing at the house, getting some pool time, and going to the zoo! Abby really enjoyed the zoo and seeing all the "amimals", as she calls them.

Abigail got to feed the Giraffes lettuce and a carrot!

She loved seeing the real life versions
of her beanie-baby giraffe!
She pointed at all of them and said "Baby!"

She waved to the elephants
She also took advantage of getting
taller to look at the elephants by herself.
She's really getting big!

She found a couple of ducks that were on the path

Even when the ducks had enough of her, she decided to follow

She gave a good chase, but they were a little faster!
I hope everybody enjoys the pics, we'll post more soon!

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