Sunday, April 11, 2010

First day at the pool!

That's right folks, it's the second week in April and our pool is already up to swimming temperatures! Abby and her dad decided to try it out today.

Abby in her new swimsuit -
No, she's not fat, it's got inflatable floaties inside!!!

Her profile view in her "sumo-swimsuit"

Checking out the water!

She's getting excited now!

She cruised around in her horsie for a long time!

With another floatie she even ventured into the deep end
(with her 3 different floatation devices, she could almost raise the titanic)

We hope to see everybody soon! You're always welcome to come enjoy some sunshine and swimming pool time with us.

1 comment:

Andrea_Ben said...

How on earth is your pool at swimming temperatures? What exactly is an acceptable temp at your house?! Ours is smaller than yours and only around 70*, too cold I say!!