Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Abby's Luau At Daycare

Here's some pics of where Abby spends her days. Of course she was the cutest one, having just returned from a 2 week luau, prepared with her grass skirt. Just thought you'd like to see her room and some friends.

The table where they eat and do artwork...I like how they hang their art low enough for them to admire at their leisure. So funny.

Uh oh, daddy, I think she has an admirer! Meet Matthias, he was with her in her "baby room".
Abby and her friend Alexis, who was also in her "baby room". They moved up at the same time and play together all the time. Her parents are also both is in the Navy.
Abby reaching for "Mr. Butters", the class guinea pig. She's definitely an animal lover!! And yes, she ditched the grass skirt pretty early on in the festivities.

I was working in the home office this past weekend and looked over and Abby was snuggling up to old Maggie girl. I thought it was blog worthy!

Abby says, "Can I take a nap with you Maggie?"

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