Monday, September 14, 2009

Then And Now's

I guess I'm in a reminiscent mood, but I just can't believe how big she's getting. Here's a then-and-now of her and Reid Fallin partaking in our newest tradition-Cowboys vs. Buccaneers at the Fallin's house. I also threw a then-and-now of her in her walker. And of course some of her just looking kinda cute.
Abby and Reid "duking it out" at the Cowboy/Buccaneer NFL game last October and one of them last weekend. Not a chance in hell of getting them in the same position! Ha.

They say, "We love a good rivalry!"

Abby in her walker, taken 6 Nov 08

Taken 14 Sep 09, 14 mos old

Here's her looking cute in a new outfit and a dress I picked up at the thrift kids clothes are waaaaay overrated!

Abby showing mama her potential soccer skills and probably thinking, "Get this stupid dress off of me, lady!"

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Andrea_Ben said...

It is hard to believe they were so small and are such maniacs now!!

I think she looks so grown up in that dress - super cute!

My word verification is mytoot - ha!