Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter And Some Other Fun Abby Pics

Check out Abby in her Easter duds! Our roses are in full bloom and Sunday was a beautiful day. Enjoy:
Abby Rose in the rose garden in our backyard. So pretty.

Uh, oh. Here comes Maggie!

Happy Abby dancing to her Winnie the Pooh music in her Elmo duds that Brooklyn got her!

Sad Abby after the music stops...hopefully she got some of the musical Faust/Reddick genes!

One of Abby's new looks - pigtails!

Abby HATING her rabbit ear towel - not a fan of hats of any sort!


colebrooklyn said...

I love the pig tails!! She's so sweet! Love y'all.

Andrea_Ben said...

Reid misses his girl friend. These pics are toooo cute! We are back so we must get together soon.