Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Abby Turns 4 Months!!

Happy 4 months little girl!

She's still growing like a weed and doing all kinds of new neat things. She's found her toes and loves to grab them when she's fighting off a nap. She gets a look on her face like "Where did these come from?". Another skill she's perfected is blowing some pretty awesome spit bubbles. We take no credit for teaching her how to do this, but they're pretty impressive. I'll try to get some good pics of both new talents soon.

But for now, all I have is a few cute ones of our Halloween costumes...and yes, Thad is wearing a gut pillow. We're not that out of shape, yet. We thought about dressing her up as Maggie Simpson, but we couldn't resist how cute the chili pepper was.

I love that face...she's such a good sport.

We hung out and gave candy away to the new neighborhood kids and then went to the new A-10 class' party to show her off and play some beer pong.

Homer, Marge and the chili pepper at the Lobo Halloween party:

Halloween was a great break from ripping up tile in our new kitchen. Here's some "before" pictures and one of Thad hard at work:

And one last parting shot! Mom forgot to brush Abby's hair, but she still manages to look cute in her camo jammies from Grams.

A sad night for America:

It looks like the radical has become our 44th president and we're heading for 4 years of pure socialism. I hope for Abby's sake that our country and our military can recover from what they are about to undergo.

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