Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thad's Fini Flight In The Hog

Sorry for the long delay in posts.  I have been putting off posting the first blog that mom won't be reading.  She used to check the blog everyday.  I miss her so much. 

As a result, this post will be one or two from each month since mom got sick.  Thank you to all who had us in your thoughts and prayers. 

Here's one of Abby waiting patiently for Thad to taxi in on his last flight in the A-10. 

Finally there he is!

Tailgating before the last U of A game and saying goodbye to friends.

Bye toys, bye bed, bye sunny Tucson!!!

Hello cold, rainy San Antonio!

We're off on a new adventure, but are so happy to be back in Texas!  I promise I'll be more diligent with the blog as we get settled into our new digs.  

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Haley said...

We miss you Reddicks! Love, the Campbells