Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Time For Ballet!

Ballet is foreign to Thad and I, but we signed Miss Abby up anyway!  Gymnastics and soccer don't start until she's five years old, so this was our best bet for an organized activity at this point.  I'm secretly hoping it doesn't stick.  It's a little too, no offense, girlie.  She loved her first class though.  Miss K, the teacher was nice and Skylar, her 5 year old friend from the squadron, is in the same class.  We knew five minutes into it that it would be ten times better than swim lessons, which started and ended disastrously!  All in all, she had a big day on Saturday...first ballet class, first birthday party (other than her own - Chuck E., and first sleep over!  She stayed at Skylar's house while mom and dad went to the U of A football game and had "adult time" with friends.  Great day.

She refused to put any clothes on over her leotard.  We finally convinced her to put on her skirt before leaving the car.

Abby and Skylar waiting patiently for their first class to begin!

Miss K, in blue, teaching the little ones how to point their toes.  Takes me back to my first job as a gymnastics instructor.

Learning how to sashay.

No parents allowed in the room (I guess to eliminate distractions), but I snuck around the corner and snapped this one...sorry about the flash reflection!

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