Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adventure With Mom

1200 miles in a car with a two year old...not recommended!  Abby was a super trooper through it all...four different rooms (a.k.a. "new houses") in a month, new babysitter, crazy hours.  She really did great and made this TDY possible.  There were some perks - having Grams as a nanny for 10 days, seeing Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon, cousins Jen, Jeff, Lilly, and Camille, Uncle Rodney and Aunt Mary...I think her first trip to the Ark-La-Tex was a success.  The only thing missing was daddy.  We miss you so much darlin'.  Can't wait to be together again.

Three little girls and a big hog!  Abby with her cousins Lilly and Camille at Barksdale AFB, LA.  (Yes, it was her idea for Capri pants and cowboy boots:-)

Abby with her Uncle Rodney at the lake house in Walker's Creek, Arkansas.

She wouldn't sit still for a picture with Aunt Mary, so this was the best we could do.  BTW, she was asleep about 5 min after this picture!

 The girl outside our 4th home in a month!  She looks so old in this picture.

On her favorite turtle at the carousel in Bossier City.

A special treat from cousin Jennifer - pink and purple toe nails!

Lilly tearing it up on the soccer field!

Way to go Lils!

Abby having fun at Grams' house for Easter...bubbles!!!

On the hunt!

 Abby showing off Grams' stars and stripes.  She had a great time.

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