Friday, March 25, 2011

Snow in AZ

Here's some pics of snow at our house and then some of Abby playing in a lot of snow up in the White Mountains of AZ.  I didn't realize at the time of purchase, but when you buy things for your child at separate times, it's best to keep in mind what the end product will look like.  Turns out her hat, gloves and boots did a little more than accent her pink and orange snow suit.  Yikes! 

Our backyard after that strange white stuff that most Arizonans never see!

Just a random picture of happy Abby

So excited to play in the snow.

Snowball fight!

Holy pink batman!  Just call me the pepto girl!  Oops :) Don't worry Andrea, it's in the mail to you ;-)

 Ready to hit the slopes...head first!
 Now that's better!
 Now that's even better!  Daddy along for the ride!
 Hold on girl!
 Wouldn't be complete without making a snow angel and snow man.

 With Grandpa John and Grandma Enid at Sabino Canyon

 Taking a break from hiking amongst the gneiss formations.
Family photo at the top of the canyon

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