Thursday, December 10, 2009

Abby In TX

Enjoying the playground in College Station (Whoop!) after a burger at the Chicken Oil. Yum!

The phrase, "You're ugly and yo mama dresses you funny" comes to mind...except for the ugly part.
Uncle Eric reading Abby her night, night story....Nemo!

Um, no comment.

Uncle Eric leading Abby to the playground.

Grams had to turn her head!


I see a face of approval.

Trying out the log roll.

Abby immediately headed for the stairs and wanted more of the slide!
Here we go!

Love the static electricity.

And back for more....

Not sure who was having more fun!

"Why isn't my swing moving?"

"Oh, thank you very much!"

Uncle Eric showing Abby how to play some tunes!
Abby tickling the ivories on her own!

"So, Tuzzi, thanks for keeping Maggie and dropping her off. How was your day at work?"
She's such a grown-up! She begged Tuzzi for all of her patches and then proceeded to tell her a story in 1 yr old speak.

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