Friday, November 20, 2009

Uncle Eric's Visit

Uncle Eric got a nice boondoggle TDY to fly a really neat plane, the Extra300, and see his newest niece! After doing stalls, spins, and "the Lomcevak", he let us take him out for some beers to watch the Aggies lose once again. At least we were in good company! Check out his flight school at

Abby says, "Who are you again?"

"Oh yeah, you're my uncle Eric!"

Just some funny pics I had on the camera from an extra silly bath time. The older she gets, the more water on the bathroom floor! Gotta love it.

Giving a kiss to the bath toys daddy sent from Korea.

Splishy splashy so much fun!

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colebrooklyn said...

I miss y'all, a really really lot.