Friday, August 21, 2009

More Hawaii!

Here's some more pics from our recent trip to Hawaii. Abby is a regular fish these days!
Abby says, "Is it kiddie pool time yet? All in a day's work!"

Like a pro, scoping out her options of entries and pool toys to play with...

"Alright, I made it down those stairs, now I'm armed and dangerous...ready to hit it!"

"Ooh, ooh, daddy, get me in there, now!"
"That's right, just like that. Love the kiddie pool where I can touch the bottom!"

Whoa. Hey! Little help here...

And now for some Waikiki beach time!

I know you told me to stay away from the waves for fear of my life, but I just can't resist! So here I go...
Aw, that's much better!

One trick we found to slow her down..."Hey, my feet are stuck in the sand...mean ol' mama!"

Daddy to the rescue!

More to come...still sifting through the 600+ pics we took. Yikes!

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