Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday America...and Abigail!

Here's some of Abby hammin' it up while she opens her birthday cards on her special day. She seriously read every single one of them and asked me questions about all the pictures and words on them. Thanks so much to everyone for sending her cards/gifts, she really does have a great family (and wonderful friends).

"It's my birthday and I'll scream and clap if I want to..."

Abby sporting her birthday dress from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob

Abby and mom at the Pat Green concert in Tucson - he came to AZ for Abby I'm sure!

Such a patriotic little girl!

Abby and Reid in their matching backpacks

Abby, in Uma's boots, with her before-and-after lesson that only hussies show their "Be-Bo's" in public:

Abby says, "Happy birthday, America!"

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