Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Many New Antics

Well, all in one week, Abigail found her tongue, stood on her own, learned how to play peek-a-boo, played the saxophone...okay, maybe the last one was a stretch, but she's doing so much lately, it's hard to keep up! It turns out the standing and the peek-a-boo doesn't last long enough to really capture with the camera, but here's some of her having fun with her new tongue discovery. I have to apologize for her hair...I had just taken out her pigtails when she started her antics. Bad hair day, I'd say!

Then she found mama's tongue!

Here's some of the pre-I-found-my-tongue-mama-took-my-pigtails-out look:
Oh, by the way, it's 100 deg F here, so that's why I'm naked!


Thad said...

She's so beautiful, you both are! I miss y'all so much!

Andrea_Ben said...

it is funny, I meant to mention that Reid has found his tongue too! Silly these kids are :0) I had so much fun tonight and look forward to some sunday Brunch action!!!