Sunday, October 31, 2010

Abby Cadabby!

Our little girl is so big these days. She has really enjoyed dressing up as Abby Cadabby! Here she is going to the "Zoo Boo" at the Tucson zoo. She looks so proud to be Abby.

Enjoying the hayride!

Picking out her very own pumpkin. Wait until you see how she painted it.

 Look how much I've grown!
Oct '09

Oct '10

This pumpkin will never look the same.

Getting the Abby Cadabby hairdo ready!

Our little Abigail.

Trick-or-treating with Bodie and Charlotte!

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Andrea and Ben said...

Awww, Abby Cadabby!! I love that she is driving around Reid's car in our backyard and we aren't even there. That is awesome!