Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Abby!

Life has been in the way of keeping up with the blog. Here's some pics of Abby's latest round of antics. Hope you enjoy!

At the zoo..."check out my elephant stamp!"

"Um, mom, what are those lizards doing?"

Off to the next animal exhibit...these days we see the zoo at two-year-old-warp-speed.

Abby loves ducks. She took some time to enjoy them.

Taking a break from the heat with a nice glass of lemonade. She says "lemonade" in plain English. Big word for a little kid.

Her famous smile!

"Everybody else wears combat boots in the house, why can't I?"

They almost fit!

"Little help?!?"

Mama to the rescue!

1 comment:

Andrea and Ben said...

Stop it right now - she cannot get any bigger before we get back!! I mean it!