Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, it sure is nice to be a complete family again (for the 3 weeks it lasted before another short Military trip for 'dada')...

Here's some fun pics from the last few weeks!

Abby loves taking care of her "baby"!
If only we could get her to brush her own teeth this well...

Dada got a new truck... Abby always insists on driving now!

Thad has the exact same face when he drives it!

All the 107 degree weather has made the pool nice!
Abby's even gone off the diving board!!!
She's fearless!

Still enjoying horsey

And practicing swimming without horsey!

Maggie even joins in on the fun

Abby and Reid are still good friends.
She misses him while he's away for the rest of summer

She found some other kids that were playing with water guns
bigger than her. She warmed right up to them!
"Where's my lifetime membership to the NRA?"

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