Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Abby's 13th Week

It was a busy week for our little Abigail. Of course we found time for college football on our busy Saturday full of cabinet and counter top shopping and the Oktoberfest on our busy Sunday full of appliance shopping. Respectable for a 13 week old I'd say. Anyway, here's some pics of her fun week.

Abby and Dad watching the Air Force vs. Navy debacle at our local family friendly sportsbar:

Yes, she's really watching the game...loves her football!

Abby and Mom during the A&M vs. stupid okie cowpeople debacle at home:

Papa reading a night night story out of the book from Grams to Abigail:

I think she's already reading along...so smart.

Abby enjoying the Tucson Oktoberfest on Sunday afternoon:

She says "Mama's gonna have me up doing the chicken dance, I just know it!"

She's a fine polka dancer, in case you had any doubts!!

Abby almost enjoying her first taste of rice cereal:

"What is this weird thing mom put around my neck? I think I'll eat it instead."

"OK, this isn't so bad, but I'm only gonna sit still for one second and after mom takes this picture I'm gonna go back to eating my bib."

"See told ya!"

"OK, this just isn't the same as my normal buffet!"

Abby looking cute in her "Daddy Rocks" onesie from Grams:

He's so proud!

Love that half smile!


Andrea and Ben said...

I am glad to see Reid is not the only one watching sports on TV - his little eyes get glued to the screen!

We will have to try another date, he is smiling and interacting more every day :-)

ewhite4696 said...

Great pics Anna. Keep 'em coming. She gets cuter every day. Can't wait to see ya'll soon.